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Hi, this is Video 3 of Module 3. My name is Helen Chetcuti, and I'm Senior Associate at Pearsons Lawyers. If this is a first video you've seen, then I highly recommend that you go back to Module 1. Module 1 contains two important checklists of actions that you need to take right now before proceeding any further. To get there, please visit our Pearsons' YouTube Channel, or Pearsons' website and follow the links. Otherwise, if you're ready, let's begin.

In the last video I briefly touched on family violence and the presumption of shared parental responsibility. In terms of the decision making of parents, where there are issues of family violence, it may be difficult for parents to share decision making in respect to that child. In such situations depending on the facts of your case, and not all situations, one party may be provided sole parental responsibility where there are risk issues.

Family violence itself has a wide definition in respect to the Family Law Act, and includes physical, verbal, psychological, financial abuse, abuse to pets, and also any behaviour that is coercive or controlling to another
party that makes that party feel fearful. It doesn't mean that in each situation of violence that you will obtain a sole parental responsibility order. It will largely depend on the facts of your case; the interests of
your child will be the paramount considerations.

In terms of if you're experiencing family violence; there are other measures that you can also take in respect to ensuring your safety and that of your children. You may seek support, or also an interventional order, or police assistance if you need to assist you children and ensure your protection.

Family violence is a significant issue for our community, and a crime in our community. It is very difficult for you to often deal with your children's matters when you are also experiencing violence. It is for this reason I strongly recommend that you obtain the support to assist you to deal with your violence issues and have the support which will be needed as you go through arrangements, to discuss arrangements for your children's matters.

That's it for this video. If you feel you're ready, please proceed to Video 4 of Module 3.

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