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Hi, welcome to Module 2: Divorce and the Law. My name is Natasha Papasavas. I am a Senior Associate at Pearsons Lawyers. If this is your first module, we highly recommend that you return to Module 1. Module 1 contains highly important actions that you need to take prior to proceeding any further. To do this you need to go to the Pearsons YouTube channel or to the Pearsons website and follow the links.

This module contains four videos centering around the divorce application process. The first video, which is what you are currently watching is the overview. In the second one, I'm going to walk you through how to apply for a divorce. The third one I am going to discuss do-it-yourself divorce kits, and finally in the fourth video, I am going to discuss overseas marriages and divorces. If you are ready, let's head on over to Module 2, Video 2.

All our videos in this Youtube series can be found through the Pearsons Youtube Channel at or by visiting the Pearsons website at and following the links. 

Alternatively, if you know that its simply time to see a Family Lawyer, please contact us for a free initial consultation. Please be advised that we must complete a conflict check so that we can only represent one party in a Family Law matter. So if your partner is watching this same Youtube series and engages our services before you do, we advise that we may not be able to talk to you. Whatever it is that you choose, it is our wish that throughout this Youtube series, you can finally gain a sense of certainty so that you 'know where you stand'.


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