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Welcome to Module 5 in the series: How to Get a Divorce in Australia. My name is Leanne Abela. I'm a Director and Partner of Pearsons, and in this module, we're going to cover Assets. That is, the size of the cake that's available for division between you and your partner and the slice you're likely to receive. That is, what percentage of the asset pool can you expect.

Over the years, my experience has been that most people are really concerned about the financial consequences and fallout of a separation such as: 'Will I be able to keep the family home?' 'What will happen to the superannuation?' 'How will the assets be divided and what's included and not included?'

So, in this module, we have five videos that cover these topics. The five videos include this overview. In the next four videos, we cover what's the size of the asset pool and what's included in assets and liabilities. What are the relevant factors the law takes into account in deciding what your percentage is likely to be; that is, what are the contributions and what are the needs factors. Then, some of the most commonly asked questions and, in conclusion, what's the percentage range you may expect. If you're ready to proceed, then move on to Video 2: The Assets and the Liabilities.

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